2nd/3rd August 2014

Another pottering around weekend. Further painting of metalwork, beer barrel supports and the platform trolley has been undertaken. The Lamp Room interior has had its paint smartened up a touch as well, together with the ceiling joists. We have been working out ways of finishing the interior ceiling of the room, together with finishing off the interior chimney surround. More metalwork from the dismantled platform trolley has been cleaned down, together with some more rail ends, ready for painting.
Stephen has begun the mammoth job of sorting out the donated tools and consumables, ably helped by 2 of his donators, Andy and Bob. I think he will be at this for quite a while!
The big construction job this weekend has been the erection of Alex’s new garden shed. This will house all his large toys, together with the slide, and is a big hit with him.
Weighbridge Teas had another good weekend with a steady stream of visitors wanting to sample their wares. Ice creams, again, went down very well in the warm weather.

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