9th & 10th August 2014

Well it’s been either very wet or very sunny this weekend. Painting of the small steelwork has continued with further layers applied. When Alexa ran out of things to paint I had already begun cleaning down more to keep her busy! An old NER platform barrow has been dismantled as the wood was rotten and/or woodwormed. We have several at the station already so it is no great loss. The metalwork has been kept, cleaned down and yes, gone to Alexa for painting.
In the Lamp Room some exposed screws and fixing plates have been recovered and replaced with countersunk and filled screws. It looks much neater inside now. A further coat of white has been applied to the rafters and the door has had its movement crack cleaned, filled and repainted.
The Newtondale Halt platform bench, which came to us for repair and a repaint, has been delivered back this afternoon. It was loaded into the large LNER brake van on the teak set for delivery direct to the platform. Both benches are now back on site and look much better.
Weighbridge Teas had another good weekend, inspite the weather today.

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