13th/14th September 2014

It has been diesel heaven this weekend (if you like diesels!), with the annual Gala along our line. It has also been Family Volunteering Weekend, with families coming down to help along the railway. Several camped in the paddock and joined us for dinner on the Saturday evening.
Around the station, work began by collecting all the old fencing material from north of the station. This was brought back, de-nailed and sorted into good and scrap timber. Several poor 12’ lengths were cut down to make good 6’ lengths. All the scrap has since been burnt, together with a lot of garden rubbish. Severe pruning of several trees alongside the road has also taken place, with low hanging branches removed to improve the visibility. These branches have also gone up in smoke!
In the south yard the wagons have been hand shunted to release the ‘tank’ wagon for Wartime Weekend and clear space for a brake van, which is coming to the station for repair. Again many hands make light work, and this activity didn’t take long at all. Many hands also helped with the sorting and storing away of more recycled materials for future projects.
The ‘firing range’ field next to the level crossing has had its annual strim to prepare it for its staring role. The cut material was also raked up and added to the fire.
On the station itself the gardens have continued getting the autumn trim and tidy before the winter. Painting and repair of the platform trolley has continued, it’s now back on its wheels and the recipient of a new timber deck, so it’s starting to look quite smart. Most of the platform lamps have been cleaned of fly droppings and you can now see the light! This is one of those thankless tasks that need doing at least annually as the spiders and flies don’t ‘arf make a mess in them.
Weighbridge Teas had a good weekend, helped by a visit by 20 bikers on the Sunday looking for refreshment.

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