6th, 7th September 2014

So much for the weather forecast! Saturday was meant to be dry, and it was anything but. It didn’t stop us but we did do inside jobs in the morning; painting trolley parts, trying to fix the downstairs toilet (an ongoing challenge), and .cleaning down old suitcases for possible sale at Wartime Weekend. The afternoon dried up, which allowed us to begin digging out the stone ramp to the paddock. We have done this to install some plastic grid, which when backfilled with the gravel helps lock everything together, prevent slippage and stop the stone migrating down the slope. It’s not as easy as it sounds to install, as it fits across two slopes with different angles. We completed it on the Sunday morning, under glorious sun.
Once it has had a few showers and regular use, it should bed in nicely.
Some of the level crossing timber planks have been looking poor recently, so we have lifted them and changed the damaged sections. The supporting sleepers underneath had settled due to road use, and several of these were also lifted and packed back up to the correct level. The crossing now looks and rides a lot better for road traffic.
Back with the painting gang, new deck planks for the platform trolleys have been treated, as has the trolley itself, along with its wheels and fittings.
Weighbridge Teas had another good weekend and we even had a cake for the volunteers to enjoy (which we did!), given by a regular visitor to keep us all motivated.
In the gardens, the mammoth job of pruning and tying up the roses continues.

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