18 and 19th October 2014

Well the tidying up following Wartime has continued this weekend. With support from some of the Junior Volunteers we got the marquee poles down, the metal spikes out of the ground, all the side poles put away, the marquee flooring pressure washed and put away, and some of the picnic tables moved over to the paddock. Thanks lads. Sunday continued with more of the same, the marquee sheets were taken over; the last of the picnic tables moved; the brush and branches from inside the marquee were taken away and burnt; the lookout tower was dismantled and the stores van was sorted out and everything put away neatly.
On the dock, an old enamel signal arm has been cleaned down ready for possible use elsewhere.
The garden has had further attention, tidying up ready for winter and removing the boot prints from last weekend’s crowds. Daylily tubers and crocosmia (Montbretia) bulbs that are surplus to requirement have also been put out to raise funds for the station.
Weighbridge Teas had a good weekend with a steady stream of passers by calling for sustenance.

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