25th/26th October 2014

Another dry weekend and we have been out on our travels again. This time it was just to the Permanent Way Yard at Newbridge, to collect some old timber planking and steel corrugated sheeting. This was loaded and brought back to our station. The planking is just what we need to clad another storage shed, which we plan to build next spring. The timber was full of nails and some chicken wire which took quite a time to strip clean. The corrugated sheeting might be enough to provide a new roof for the Tea Hut.
At the south end loop points we have been looking at this winters work programme, and the future relocation of the equipment cases there. These will be moved into a timber clad hut, the site for which is now identified so we can prepare the ground. We have also identified where we have to dig an under track crossing for the signalling cables whilst the track is being renewed (this is much easier to do when there is no track in the way).
Thor has been tidied up and sheeting down for the year. It may come out next year but we don’t know yet. David has continued with the gardening, tidying them up ready for the winter season.
Weighbridge Teas had a ‘steady’ weekend for trade and they dressed both their building and the General Room in spooky Halloween accoutrements ready for next weekend. Visit them, if you dare!

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