16th November 2014

Well its been all go here this weekend. We started in earnest at 16.30 on Friday afternoon and stopped for the night on Sunday at 21.15 (in the pouring rain). We continue on Monday morning. We have dismantled the upside (signal box side) level crossing deck; the rails and sleepers underneath, and dug out the old spoil (ballast is too good a word for it). New ballast was placed in the hole, compacted and levelled before the sleepers were replaced in their new positions. All the check rail chairs have been unscrewed off the sleepers, new standard chairs offered up, the sleepers drilled and then the chairs screwed down. Top ballast (between the sleepers) was laid before both running rails were reinstated and keyed up (this is a lot easier said than done). The new rubber panels were then offered up and placed into position.
Elsewhere on the station, further ditch clearance (of weeds) has continued north of the station. One of our gardeners has returned to the fold (after being in hospital) and has been pottering around the station. Our resident painter has continued painting steelwork for both the demonstration signal box and for one of our platform trolleys. The trolley itself is starting to come back together now with lots of new wood being fixed in place.

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