29th/30th November 2014

After the success of last weekend its been a tidy up weekend. ALL the spoil has been loaded into wheelbarrows and taken onto the lineside for use as backfill around a further culvert pipe (more on this in the future). Goodness knows how many wheelbarrows of spoil this was but it was around 500 loads!
All the old level crossing deck has been carefully dismantled, de-nailed, washed and moved near to our lineside sheds. Here it has been stacked to dry out a bit before it is re-used. The trespass guards have been reinstated and repaired as necessary at either end of the level crossing.
In the cottage Alexa has continued with a repaint downstairs, helping to keep the cottage smart and clean.
Weighbridge Teas are not open at present but some of them are helping on the Santas, which started today. If you are on the Pickering Santas and see them, say ‘hello’.

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