7th/8th/9th November 2014

We welcomed back the Velocipedes to our station on Friday. They rode up from Newbridge before pausing for food, photos and a rest. Weighbridge Teas were in attendance and had stocked up the pie warmer with pies ready for sale so guess what the first order was for – ice creams! By the end of lunch the pie warmer was empty, as was the soup kettle. After lunch, the heavens opened, the thunder and lightening began and it was time to ride back to Pickering. They must have been soaked by the time they got to Newbridge!
Saturday and the Womble tree felling team were called out to deal with a rogue tree near the 16¼ mile post, the top of which was leaning dangerously close to the track. This was dealt with and the trunk logged ready for collection.
We have had another donation of tools, this time from an old woodwork teacher (who had passed on). Some of these have gone into store whilst duplicates have been put to one side for passing onto other stations. Fortunately Michael had tidied up our workshop on Friday afternoon so at least there was space to put this new pile!
Sunday dawned dry and first up was the collection of some pine branches and the short Christmas trees from north of the station. These have been sent via various trains to Pickering, Goathland and Grosmont, ready for their Christmas displays.
At the station we have begun dismantling some of the level crossing panels ready for the big track renewal next weekend, before we install the new rubber deck. This first stage was completed in the dark, working under flood lights. We are tackling the signal box side first over the next 2 weekends and will be working from Friday afternoon through to Monday each weekend. Fancy coming to help, all hands gratefully received! Any takers for the night shift (we have the flood lights up already)? This is being done in conjunction with the PWay who are delivering the materials and plant from Newbridge to us.
Weighbridge Teas had a good weekend (including the Friday) but are now closed until Christmas week.
You will be pleased to hear that our 2 gardeners are out of hospital and on the way to full recovery.

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