13th/14th December 2014

It has been a weekend of extreme temperatures, with Saturday not getting above freezing and yet today we had to keep taking layers off! The Santa’s have continued to call and have, as usual, been popular with visitors.
At the station we began by installing safe rubber staff walkways over the north siding, next to the bracket signal. This will make it easier to get wheelbarrows (and staff) across the rails and provide a safe walkway for staff going up the line. We have also replaced the signalman’s walkway outside the signal box into the six foot in rubber. Again this provides a more non slip surface in poor weather. The old half sleepers, plus those from the old level crossing, have gone into our timber store south of the station. At the south yard walkway we installed last weekend we have been making wooden ‘boxes’ to hold some ash to make ramps up to them.
With help from the loco crew on Saturday we shunted the guards van from the north siding into the south yard so we could get on with its restoration. The van has had the rubbish removed from inside it and a start made on burning off the old paint on the inside. The exterior will have to wait for drier, warmer weather. Overall though the van is not in bad nick and it should not be long before it is looking much better.

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