28th December 2014

Well we had a very Happy Christmas and we hope you did too. With Christmas and Boxing days over it was back to the grindstone. First up, a first for nearly 2 years was to clear the platforms of snow and ice. Although we only had ½” it had frozen solid which made clearing it difficult. Today has been no better with a hard frost lasting all day.
With the snow out of the way, work recommenced on the brake van. More paint has been stripped off the south end veranda roof and the inside roof. The inside sides have been sanded down as well. Both guards lookout duckets have been removed from the van. These are rotten and will need heavy repair or replacement. The handrails off the sides of the van have been removed for a thorough clean and a repaint.
Inside our workshop Stephen has continued his mammoth task of tidying up and sorting out the screws.
Weighbridge Teas have been open today (and tomorrow and Tuesday) serving their usual wares, which also saves us making our own tea and coffee!
15 of us have just had an excellent Christmas dinner, cooked by Beth (Madame Cholet) and are now resting whilst dinner settles.

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