10th, 11th January 2015

We’ll dig, dig, dig, dig, dig, dig the whole day through. Its been like that this weekend down at 2 points, where we have completing the digging out of the ash through the point, which was fairly straightforward. This is in contrast to the plain track on the approach which is a pig to dig, being a mix of ash, slurry and stone. Pickaxes to the fore please!
At the station, the brake van has had another coat of primer on that which was previously coated and some more timberwork has had its paint burnt off. It has also had its coverall sheets firmly tied down after last weeks wind. In the workshop Stephen has continued with the grand tidy up.
On the level crossing the 4 manholes have had their lids installed and the area levelled off with ash (guess where the ash came from). This area will be finished with tarmac once we have completed all the levelling and edge preparation.
It’s been a good afternoon for burning as well, with more scrub disposed of near the level crossing. This included several rotten trees, which fell over when pushed. Even the root ball came out! The area now looks a lot tidier and gives improved sighting of the level crossing approach for train crews.

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