24th, 25th January 2015

Its back to ‘treefest’ for the Wombles. First up was a trip down towards Farwath to continue from Bridge 13, where we finished last year, southwards. There is nothing particularly large there, just an awful lot of 2” diameter shrubbery, some of which is blackthorn. This is being chopped down now and will be burnt during our winter work week 7th-15th March.
The quarter mile post down there has been brought back for a thorough clean down and repaint. The former was undertaken outside the workshop, under floodlights and it is now stored in our paint shop ready to receive multiple coats of paint.
Sunday found us north at Platelayers cottages. Here a start has been made on the trees around the road bridge which are being cleared to aid visibility and get them out of the retaining walls. Down towards bridge 15 we have continued clearing trees from the river including a large dead one which was already collapsing towards the track.
Back at the station our PAT electrical testers have called to catch up with some work on new tools plus checking the existing ones. In our paint room further coats have been applied to the brake van woodwork and a first primer on the quarter mile post.

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