14th, 15th February 2015

The trains have returned for Half Term week with a ‘new DMU’. Weighbridge Teas have made a welcome return and been kept busy, again.
The major work this weekend has been on the brake van. More metalwork has been cleaned down and primed. The previously painted metal parts have received further coats and it is starting to look quite smart. The west side non standard rotted planking has been removed, revealing the inner skin (which is in good condition). The guards ducket timber framing has had the rotten sections cut out and one side has had new timber cut to fit. 2 new steel duckets have been ordered from a local steel fabricators whilst new laminated glass has been ordered to replace the cracked originals. On the wood side the new window framing has been installed and the surrounding area reinstated at the sound end.
The gardens have received a feed from our gardener and a check over following the winter break. Inside our workshop Stephen has continued his tidying up. The mileposts in the General Room have received further coats of paint.

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