21st, 22nd February 2015

An excellent turnout of Wombles this weekend allowed us to make good progress on the brake van. The east side underframe has now been wire wheeled clean and given 2 coats of primer. Further miscellaneous wooden frame sections have been made to replace rotten originals, with the adjacent metalwork cleaned down and repainted. All the Perspex windows have been removed and the rock hard putty chiselled out. There was one section that hadn’t used putty, it was more like bubble gum! The north end veranda has had a lot of its paint stripped from the woodwork and the steelwork cleaned down. By Sunday we were finally able to start putting timberwork back on the west side. The top half is now sporting its new horizontal planks following the replacement of one or two rotten vertical ones.
Weighbridge Teas were open again for the weekend although visitors were sparse on Sunday with the poor weather. They re-open on Friday 6th March for the 50th Anniversary weekend.

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