31st January, 1st February 2015

We’ve had a mixture of sun, snow, sleet, rain and strong wind this weekend – although it didn’t stop us working. In the paint shop, further coats have been applied to the wood and steelwork, including a couple of coats on the ¼ mile post. Inside the brake van the final roof planks have been stripped of paint.
North of the station, near bridge 15, further lineside trees have been cut down where they were leaning towards the track. Several of these were right on the edge of the river, making their clearance more challenging.
On Sunday more rain and snow heralded an inside job (painting) for most of the morning, until the weather improved. It was then time to go back towards Farwath to continue our lineside clearance there. A major stone culvert had its capping stones cleaned of weeds whilst we were passing. The “11” mile post was dug out and brought back for an overhaul. We started to clean this down, under floodlights, when we got back. It will need finishing off next weekend, before we can start repainting it.

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