12th-15th March 2015

Well we have survived the week, and we got quite a bit done. Continuing from the last update, the first quarter mile past bridge 13 has now been cleared of scrub by the means of 3 fires. It does look a lot smarter there. Unfortunately, there are many more days of burning still to do. Several trolley loads of logs have been brought back, including 2 by a group of more ‘senior’ Junior Volunteers.
At the station the General Room has had a good smarten up with the walls washed, seats repainted and the floor given several coats of varnish. Inside the Ladies Room a thorough wash down and touching up of the paintwork has occurred.
The large notice board, which has been drying out in the General Room over the winter, and 3 ‘A’ frame notice boards have been given thorough clean down and repaint.
At the level crossing, the tarmac has been cut back and the ground prepared ready for the laying of new tarmac next week. Soft areas in the road have been dug out and concrete laid in. This should prevent dips forming when large road vehicles cross. On the crossing itself the temporary 6’ panels have been replaced with new, custom made panels, delivered and installed the same day – which look a lot better. White lines have been applied across the decks to separate road from footpath. On the down platform approach new cross drain channels have been laid, to catch the water coming down the slope which will hopefully prevent the usual pond forming.
On the brake van, the east side has had its boards sanded down and 2 coats of undercoat applied. Its starting to look quite good now. The north end veranda roof boards have had the paint stripped off them – we have nearly finished all the stripping!
The 4 new signal lamp tops have been painted up to undercoat, more paint will follow. Across the yard, the duct run has been topped up where the ground was settling. A turning chamber has been built to connect it to the existing cable route run. Final backfilling will follow once the brickwork has hardened.
On Saturday we were ‘invaded’ by a lot of Junior Volunteers. They had come to have a season start up meeting with all their helpers. As a treat, in conjunction with several Grosmont residents, 3 Velocipedes were brought to the station for everyone to have a go on. These were very popular, with rides up and down the track through the station being had by all. The Juniors also helped us to deliver and reinstate the 13¾ mile post north of the station; move surplus building materials into the yard from the level crossing; and bring back logs (see above).
Weighbridge Teas have been in attendance over the week, helping keep us fed and topped up with hot drinks. They were open as usual over the weekend for all the visitors on Saturday and Sunday with bacon butties and sausage sandwiches proving very popular. They even sold some ice creams!

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