20th-22nd March 2015

Did you see the solar eclipse? Some of the Wombles were at the station and saw it clearly though the thin cloud. We were hoping to get the level crossing approaches tarmaced on Friday, but their lorry broke down. Hopefully they will be back on Wednesday. It did give us time to do a bit of painting and lift and pack the track down near bridge 13, on behalf of the PWay Dept. We didn’t come back empty handed, bringing the trolley loaded with (more) logs.
On Saturday we were down at Newbridge laying track – why, because the PWay were short of labour and running out of time. They had dropped a ‘help’ email on Friday seeing if we could help them. So there was a new challenge for us, installing Fastclips onto G44 sleepers with flat bottom rail. The work is certainly hard but good for the upper body muscles. We didn’t get the whole lot sorted on Saturday so it was back on Sunday morning to complete the job. This wasn’t the only help requested, as another pair of Wombles went to Beck Hole on Sunday to help unclip the track there, getting it ready for stressing the long welded rail track (by specialist contractors) later this week.
Back at the station, both platforms have been swept clean of soil and loose tarmac stones. The ‘A’ boards have had further layers of paint applied and the large notice board has had its letters screwed into place. The General Room floor has had another coat of varnish and the seat backs have had a final coat of paint.
In the yard, the new manhole has had the spoil backfilled around it and the area tidied up. A section of stoned ground, next to the tarmac patch has been excavated slightly, ready to accept any spare tarmac from the level crossing works.
Preparations have been made in advance of Wednesday’s grand plaque unveiling of the Lamp Room, including gold curtains!

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