28th February, 1st March 2015

We have done something different this weekend. We were asked, at the last minute, to lift and pack the points at each end of the station. This is needed to help the welders repair the points back to ‘as new’ condition. The south end was considerably easier to lift and pack, compared to the north end. With this complete we could then unload a plate wagon (25 tonnes) of ballast to begin filling in where we had dug out the old ash earlier in January.
Up near bridge 15 we have continued tidying up the site, recovering logs from across and in the river. We had some help from Ian Wallis and a group of trainee firemen (including some from Wales) during the week, who burnt a lot of the scrub there for us. Thanks guys.
On the brake van, further undercoat has been applied to the underframe and the new planked side. Inside, the ceiling boards have been sanded down and paint has been stripped from some of the veranda ceiling planks.
On the level crossing, we dug out the ash edges alongside the rubber panels, made some timber formwork and cast new edge beams. A good, warm (i.e. frost free) forecast encouraged us to get this done on Saturday. Once we strip the formwork next weekend it will then be ready for the ash approaches to be tarmaced, all being well, in a weeks time. Why in a week I hear you say? Well, our winter work week starts next Saturday (8th) through to the following Sunday (15th) so we can supervise the tarmac works. All help is gratefully received (please bring cake!) as we plan to undertake all sorts of work – remember the more hands the merrier. If further incentive is required the Weighbridge Teas staff have agreed to come and prepare drinks and sandwiches for us. What more can you ask for?! The works include burning scrub down at Farwath and north at Platelayers cottages; cutting down the last of the scrub at Farwath; repairing fences south of the station; repairing the brake van; tarmac preparation at the level crossing and in the station yard; repainting a trespass sign; digging in a short length of cable duct across the yard; collecting logs from along the line; minor works to the lineside hut at the south distant signal and, finally, moving the ash spoil from the point to the new S&T hut site nearby!

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