6th-8th March 2015

Our work week started off with a celebration – several of us had been involved in the Grosmont signalling scheme, so we were invited onto a special diner train on Friday, which was very nice. But, before we could ride, we had to make Levisham crossing safe for the weekend, following last weeks work.
Saturday dawned bright and it was time to dig, again, this time to put a trench across the Station Yard. This was to allow us to install a duct route for new power supplies for the Wartime Weekend marquees. The ground was a mixture of stone aggregate, ash (easy!), rocks, and blue clay. We needed a 2½’ deep trench to allow the 4” duct to be installed, with sufficient protection over it, so when we put the steel marquee spikes in it will not reach the cable. Fortunately a goodly number of Wombles were on the station (16) so there was plenty of help. We even had use of the station JCB, which comes with its owner operator!! We got the trench completed towards the end of the afternoon and the duct installed as darkness fell. Elsewhere, the weigh table was cleaned of mud and dirt and the yard notice board, now dried out following its stay in the General Room, received a prime and undercoat.
The Pway department have requested 2 sets of field crossing rubbers from our store in the yard. These 16 rubber panels were moved from the yard on the platform trolley, individually, to the far end of the down platform ready for collection by an engineering train on Monday.
On Sunday we pumped the yard trench clear of groundwater before backfilling and laying marker tape. It’s a lot quicker backfilling than digging out! At the level crossing some pin kerbs have been laid around the 4th gate area, and the manhole cover lifted slightly outside the signal box gate. This is all working towards getting the tarmac laid either side of the level crossing and tidying up the site. The north end points have received a further lift and pack, including the crossing ‘noses’ which were ‘bouncing’ under passing trains. Near the south end loop, flood alleviation pipes have been laid and a start made moving the ash spoil and waste ballast from 2 points. A temporary barrow crossing has been built to allow the spoil from the east side to be moved to the west.
Weighbridge Teas have had a successful weekend, with a steady stream of visitors keeping them busy. They have brought the park benches out from store and given them their annual teak oiling, ready for the season. The cart has come out and some new books have been added to tempt you all. The windows in the Waiting Shelter and the General Room have benefitted from a good clean – you can see out of them now.

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