9th-11th March 2015

We have had a good week so far, with work both at the station and way down the line. First up was the provision of assistance to the PWay Dept loading, by hand, two 20’ bullhead rails onto a low wagon. The rubber field crossings were then loaded onto the same train, which then returned to Newbridge. At the south end points a lot of the ash, dumped on the east side of the line, has been moved to the west side, via a temporary barrow crossing. On the brake van, the underframe now sports black gloss and looks very smart. Inside, the roof and sides have received a coat of primer. The west side has had more new planks fitted, whilst the east side has been sanded down and undercoated. A delivery of fence rails has been moved up to where they will be required as part of the next stage of fencing renewal.
Way down near Farwath, a start has been made on burning all the scrub cut down there. There are quite a few more days work there before we finish. Several trees, which were growing in the river at bridge 13, have been cut down, logged and the brash burnt. The 11 and 11¼ mile posts have been returned to their rightful positions and look very smart in their new paint.

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