25th, 26th April 2015

No fires this weekend, and only a short shower late on Saturday afternoon, meant another excellent weekend for us at Levisham.
The brake van now sports all its side handrails, some of which were easier to fit than others! The south end veranda floor has been reinstated following the completion of painting the underframe beneath. It’s now the turn of the north end, with it receiving a thorough wire wheel clean off, primer and undercoat. Inside, the ceiling has received its first top coat. The side ducket window frames have been returned following welding and have now been painted and fitted. All the glass is now in so the van is watertight.
At the station, the platform trolleys have received further coats of paint and one is now just awaiting lettering. The ‘Newtondale Halt’ nameboard has had the rotten woodwork cut out and the rest of the frame has had the paint burnt off it, a sand down and a prime. New wood has been prepared to return it back to its former glory. The booking office door catch has also been repaired as incessant opening and closing had worked it all loose.
Weighbridge Teas had a good 3 days, particularly Sunday, with a steady stream of visitors coming to sample their wares.

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