23rd – 25th May 2015

We started on Saturday with an early morning trip, by train, to Farwath to continue our scrub burning programme. We managed to get rid of a lot of cut material on 3 fires before we were called back to Levisham to assist in the tackling of a lineside fire north of the station. This had been caused by the passage of one of our trains and resulted in a lot of dead bracken catching fire. We called the fire brigade in to help with the damping down of the site as several old tree stumps, brash etc. were still burning.
On Sunday we began to move the remaining rubber level crossing panels from the back of the yard down the lineside into store there. These panels will be used elsewhere along the railway and need to be next to the railway so they can be picked up and transported by rail. We completed this task on Monday, leaving a much tidier yard at the end. At the back of the cottage, the old outside toilet building has been repointed and repaired where necessary. The old door and frame have been removed, the paint stripped off them and a start made on repainting them.
We are making a new larger timetable rack for the General Room to present the leaflets in a more organised way. As usual, this is being made out of offcuts of wood left over from other projects. The 2 ‘cross the line by the level crossing’ signs have been cleaned down and repainted; and the ground signal parts have all received a coat of top coat. The two castings which went away for repair off site have been returned and now await painting. The vegetable gardens have received their seedlings from our ‘off site nursery team’ so fingers crossed that the frost keeps away.
Weighbridge Teas have had another good weekend with plenty of visitors sampling their wares – the bacon and sausage butties going down particularly well! If you are around tomorrow, Tuesday, they will still be open so pop down and say hello.

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