30th, 31st May 2015

Only half the team were available this weekend – half were on a reconnaissance trip in Devon (i.e. on holiday!) looking at other railways far away. First up at the station was to provide assistance for the signalman who managed to lock himself out of the signal box! Once he broke in, we had to then repair the damage. Work has begun on building a new lean-to store in the paddock for our pair of newly restored platform trolleys. These trolleys have had their steel cross straps screwed down, nearly completing their restoration. The repaired parts for the North Eastern ground signals have received several coats of paint. Our vegetable plots are filling up as further seedlings are delivered and planted out. The old netty door from behind the cottage has had the bottom, rat eaten, planks covered over by a new (recycled) weather board and a start has been made on repainting it all.
Around the Weighbridge the loose stones have continued to be swept up and the few stubborn weeds removed.
Weighbridge Teas were open again although the rain today did dampen the numbers.

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