20th, 21st June 2015

It was a quieter weekend without the bands, although some would say the calm before the storm, as next weekend The Glamned perform 70s music in the Paddock.
A lot of small steel parts have been stripped, cleaned of rust and primed. The Newtondale Halt running in board is now complete, as are the 3 mile posts. They should return to their normal haunts next weekend.
The Levisham running in board outside the signal box was supposed to have a minor repaint, however upon closer inspection there is a section of rot along the bottom spar. The board has now been taken down, the rot cut out and the rest of the frame has been stripped of loose paint, sanded, and primed.
On the brake van, the interior has had the edges top coated between the upper and lower halves (green to white). The south end veranda has also received its second top coat to the roof area.
In the paddock the marquees have been checked (with the sides opened to let them ‘breathe’), the grass cut and generally checked to make sure they are safe for next weekend.
Jim and Mark, the Railway’s maintenance team, have done an excellent job rebuilding the top 10 courses of brickwork on the chimney stack on the Weighbridge. It looks very smart again and should be good for many years.
Our lineside fence, just south of the Tea Hut, had been damaged by the livestock pushing it over (the posts were rotten which didn’t help). This length has been carefully dismantled and rebuilt using a mixture of old and new materials. Again this should now be good for several years.
Weighbridge Teas had another reasonable weekend (again the calm before the storm) and are looking forward to next weekend’s 70s music event. Both catering outlets and the Real Ale tent will be open on both days and we all look forwards to seeing you there.

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