27th, 28th June 2015

What an awesome weekend, with 70’s glam rock music blasting out from the paddock. There were also a lot of diesels around, it being Diesel Gala as well.
In the Paddock we were entertained by The Glamned together with Monty, an excellent vocalist. Both acts performed separately and together, and were very popular with all our visitors. The paddock was packed on Saturday, after a quiet start, whereas today has been quieter due to the poor, damp weather this morning. The afternoon was a cracker though, with hot sun bearing down on us all.
The Real Ale Bar and the Tea Hut were open in the paddock, whilst Weighbridge Teas coped with the trade at the other end of the station. Our level crossing and platforms were covered by our guest stewards from elsewhere on the railway.
None of this is possible without a lot of work before, on the Friday, and on Sunday evening, setting up and tidying it all away – and we have to do it all again in a fortnight for Vintage Vehicle Weekend!
Inside the brake van further paint has been applied to the walls and more ‘boxing in’ of the ends has been undertaken. On the outside, the footboards on the east side have been removed (due to rot) and the metal supports cleaned down and primed. On the west side the footboards have had a rear kick stop fitted, using spares from another brake van we dismantled many years ago.
On the station the Levisham name board has been repaired and a start made on repainting it, the 3 mile posts have had their paint job completed, and a start has been made on repairing the doors of the Palvan van which have rotten timber members. The sweet peas and beans have been checked and the sunflower seeds tied back as they grow larger and larger.

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