15th, 16th August 2015

Another good weekend weather wise has allowed us to continue our maintenance painting around the station. The C&W’s GUV storage van is now much better thanks to the application of undercoat and top coat. A large rusty hole at the base of one of the doors has been cut out and a new piece of galvanised steel sourced, bent and fitted into place. This was undertaken by one of our long distance volunteers who, fortuitously, visited this weekend.
The Tea Hut roof has been completed, following the fitting of new verge boards down both sides. This sounds a simple job, but finding the right timber and cutting it to fit took quite a while.
We have expanded our ‘Empire of Sheds’ with a new lean-to, constructed on the dock. This low height shed has been made to house the restored NER platform barrows. They used to sit on the dock under some old leaking tarpaulins but now these restored trolleys will have their own waterproof shed. As usual all the materials are pre-loved – the timber, the corrugated iron and some of the nails! The roof has been given a coat of bitumastic to help it last longer.
We have had another delivery of mile posts for painting, this time the “20” mile post, a quarter and a half. Our cleaning specialist has wire wheeled them and they have all now had 2 coats of primer. The south end of our workshop coach has had its second top coat applied, all we are waiting for now is the new flesh coloured paint for the north end face.
Weighbridge Teas had another excellent weekend with a constant stream of visitors wanting to sample their wares, including lots of bacon and sausage butties – more ice cream also needs ordering!

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