22nd, 23rd August 2015

It’s definitely been ‘Cor wot a scorcher’, although it does help the paint dry! Following the repaint of the side of the GUV last weekend, it’s been the turn of the roof (well the half you can see) to have a good scrape down and then a thorough coating of bitumastic paint to keep it watertight. There was one hole in the north west corner of the roof, but this was cut square and a new piece of galvanised metal slipped in. With the roof complete attention turned to each end, with them getting a good scrape clean before receiving the bitumen treatment. Hopefully this will all keep it weather tight and looking smart for a good while longer.
The problem with doing a good job is that you get asked to do another! We have been asked to give the Camping Coach an external repaint, on behalf of our Carriage & Wagon team. Oh well, at least it will keep us busy for a couple of weekends.
Elsewhere on the station, the Weighbridge end of our workshop coach (Hannah) has had her face repainted. The buffers have also been treated to a coat of black and the headstock to red.
Tony has continued the mammoth task of cleaning the platform lamps of flies and spiders. The Waiting Shelter windows, on the Up Platform, have been smartened up as some of the putty had come out. This has been replaced and the rest of the window frames sanded down and repainted (the new putty needs to harden off before it can be painted). The fence area between the goods stock and the station yard has also been weeded.
Weighbridge Teas have been kept busy all weekend with plenty of ice cream flying off the scoop. They also opened the Tea Hut on Friday, for the visitors who called in as part of the Story Train journey.

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