29th, 30th and 31st August 2015

Two out of three isn’t bad I suppose (weather wise). The GUV van now sports its lining thanks to C&W supplying the suitable materials. The far side of the roof has been cleaned down and given a coat of bitumastic thanks to our small, narrow, scaffolding just fitting between the coaches.
The offside of the exhibition van and the 2 ends has been repainted in places where rust and peeling paint was coming through. The ends will need some rot cutting out and new steel welding in shortly.
Because we had done such a good job on the GUV we have been asked to repaint the Camping Coach! So, both ends have been wire wheeled down, rusty spots primed and then an overall green undercoat applied. There is still quite a bit more to do yet though we have done some of the side green today.
The 3 mileposts have now been completed following the black painting of the numerals. They are now set to be delivered back to site next weekend.
In preparation for Wartime Weekend (it’s not that far away) we are providing a new power supply point in the station yard. We have begun making the housing for the power box (it’s a £1k bespoke unit specially ordered from an electrical suppliers). This will sit on top of the duct route exit point we installed earlier this year.
The roses on the up platform have been pruned and tied back ready for the winter. We have added a pair of wires running along above the fence to raise the height of these a bit more and allow them to spread out better.
As it was damp this morning one of the large, open spoked wheels, from the hand cart we are restoring, has been wire wheeled clean and primed.
Today was the return visit of the Hunmanby Brass Band for an afternoon concert. To act as a sun shade or wet weather protector we put up the marquee roof. Even this takes 6 people 2 hours to do. It had to come down after the event, albeit damp so it will have to come out next weekend for laying out to dry in the sun (hopefully). The band played very well but the wet weather kept the crowds away which was disappointing.
Weighbridge Teas had another excellent 4 day weekend, although the last day in August could have been even better. The sausage and bacon sandwiches are proving really popular in the mornings to complement the ice creams in the afternoon.

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