12th, 13th September 2015

It’s been a weekend of contrasts with rain, heavy rain, thunder and lightning yesterday and warm sun today. We have started work on our two set pieces for this year’s Wartime Weekend, but, as usual, I can’t tell you what it is! A lot of plywood has been cut to shape – some of it quite small pieces. There is a lot of screwing together to do now. Smaller rusty items, together with the metalwork from the NER hand cart have been cleaned down and primed. On the handcart itself a new wooden side panel has been fitted following several days manufacture. A new leg has been made out of hardwood to replace a split one.
Several rusty oil pouring cans have been cleaned with wire wool and now await a coat of clear varnish to keep them looking smart.
We have some of the Junior Volunteers with us today helping out of several jobs. The small scrub bushes, just south of the down platform have been lopped down, collected up and brought to the burning site; the ‘cupboard’ for the new power box has been put together in the yard and is now ready for the electrics; all the ply parts from yesterday have been given a coat of primer and an undercoat.
Elsewhere the Camping Coach cream sides have been given a second undercoat (one was not enough to give a good even colour) this afternoon in glorious sunshine.
The Weighbridge had a good weekend and the green beans from our vegetable patch have been eagerly bought by passers-by for their teas.

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