25th, 26th and 27th September 2015

The sun shone again for the Autumn Steam Gala and Beer Festival. The locos looked well and, after a slow start, the beer started to be consumed. The bar was housed in the General Room and a couple of bar tables were put outside as well. Over the long weekend, Friday to Sunday, we sold 3 barrels of beer. Goathland were also hosting the event, using the Goods shed as their base.
At the station we have continued making the props for Wartime Weekend, it’s not long to go now! Our re-enactor colleagues also joined us, with assistance in painting the items and have also delivered an aeroplane (in sections); which needs a bit of work before October.
We have installed the new power cable for the station yard nearly all the way into our duct route: the last section was blocked so we will have to excavate a new route next weekend to complete it. This all sounds very easy but it’s a big fat cable which has to pass under the Weighbridge, in front of the Booking Office and under the tracks. We couldn’t pass the cable through the Weighbridge turning chamber until they had finished for the day so it was 21.30 when we finally had to call it a day at the blocked duct. As several of the ducts are also below the water table, they had to be pumped out and a grey wet sludge was left which soon coated the cable, the draw ropes and us. The new control box for the yard is coming in a couple of weeks (cutting it fine for commissioning).
Work has continued on the repair of the hand cart, with most of the steelwork now painted and ready for fitting; whilst further new timber has been cut and planed ready for reassembly.
I’ve lost half my team! They have gone for a week’s canal boating in the Pennines, but all is not lost – I’ve been joined by some friends from the North Norfolk Railway (NNR) who gave a hand in my time of need. It’s actually been a NNR invasion, with a visit from one of their Signalling Inspectors, a driver and one of the ex GMs and his friends as well to the Gala. We gave 7 of them dinner on Sunday evening and it was just like being down there. It’s a small world!
Weighbridge Teas had another excellent 3 day weekend with extra goodies being ordered on the Saturday as stocks were running low.

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