5th, 6th September 2015

It’s been another superb day here, weather wise. We have continued repainting the Camping Coach with all the west side wire wheeled down, primed and undercoated on the Saturday. Today has been the turn of the cream top coat (we are awaiting the green top coat).
On the dock the grey stores van has been suffering from peeling paint. Its turn has also come round for a thorough scrape down, prime, undercoat and topcoat. The noticeboard on the warehouse has been touched up after the boards shrunk in the heat.
Work has continued repairing our NER handcart, with a new side panel slowly coming together. Our chippies also brought us a stack of pre-loved timber which will help us build our next storage shed.
The hot sun today has allowed us to bring out the marquee sheets and ropes, which we had to put away damp last weekend, and get them thoroughly dry ready for their winter storage.
The 3 repainted mileposts have been sent to Goathland for reinstatement in their correct places. Up at Newtondale Halt we have fixed some new adder warning signs, which also have details of where to get help if, by an unlucky chance, you are bitten by one.
Weighbridge Teas had another good weekend with lots of ice cream sold.

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