10th, 11th October 2015

Well we are nearly ready for next weekend. With lots of help from hoards of Junior Volunteers, we have the large marquee, the kitchen tent and the green tent erected in the yard. Inside the main marquee the bar units are in situ, as are 20 picnic tables and the whole inside has been converted into a woodland theme. Inside the kitchen tent the raised floor, worktops and sink (including plumbing) are all in place.
The land opposite the cottage has been strimmed ready for the set pieces to be placed in position – there will be bangs and smoke! Thor, the armoured rail wagon, has been moved into place and will be protecting the station from the south. This is its final year as the wagon chassis is needed in Pickering this winter.
Our approach to the station set piece unit has been trial erected, parts screwed to it and the paint given a touch up. Come and see what it is next weekend!
Our chippies have continued repairing the hand cart with much sawdust everywhere. The General Room floor has been sanded and given another coat of varnish before the winter carpet was laid. David has continued with the mammoth garden tidy up. The white line along the down platform has been completed (now we have finished digging it up!) and the tarmac topped up along the trench.
Weighbridge Teas had a good weekend and in between sales have been busy getting both it and the Tea Hut ready for Wartime. They are open from Friday morning through until Sunday evening. The Café Alle du Bois will be open from Friday lunchtime through to Sunday afternoon.

Remember there is NO PARKING ANYWHERE NEAR THE STATION next weekend, or in Levisham village.
Please come by train. A DMU shuttle (the Flying Hamburger) will be running, in addition to the normal service, between Pickering and Le Visham.

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