16th, 17th and 18th October 2015

Well, we won! Another excellent Wartime Weekend for the station and the railway overall. As usual we were in Occupied Europe, under the control of the German Army. To ‘protect’ the locals the German Army provided Thor, the Steyr armoured rail wagon; a Tiger MkIV tank and a PAK36 anti-tank gun. Unfortunately, the dreaded enemy aircraft succeeded in damaging one of our own Meschersmitt ME109’s which crash landed at the station.
Thor, the soldiers guns and support from a Mortar Company succeeded in keeping any Resistance groups away from the station. At the other end of the station soldiers helped our gallant pilot escape from his burning plane which, fortunately, blew up just once they were clear. To deal with the fires, a group of Luftschutze female fire fighters were on hand and extinguished the flames. Nearby a PAK36 anti tank gun was set up for fire practice against a Russian T34 silhouette. Although the gun couldn’t penetrate the turret, it could destroy the weaker protected engines – to great effect. Elsewhere, our General Room was taken over as the Radio Room for the army whilst a Tiger tank provided over cover protection for the station. To keep all the troops well fed, a mobile Field Kitchen was set up, which served hot soup to the soldiers. This kitchen unit had seen continuous service since the 1940’s!
In the yard, the Café Alle du Bois served sit down meals, together with a bar for drinks, all served from our kitchen tent behind. The green tent in front provided undercover protection for when the weather was poor. Both Weighbridge Teas and the Tea Hut were open and were kept busy over all 3 days, extra rations having to be brought in to cope with demand.
On Saturday night, a full 3 course sit down dinner (for 70!), prepared by MacWomble, was held in the main marquee for all the staff and re-enactors who were around, A disco followed (Das Disco run by the Funkmeister) before we all retired to bed, ready to do it all again. Seeing 30 German soldiers dancing to the Mickey Mouse song has to be seen to be believed!
Thanks must be given to the 30 odd station staff who helped us at Le Visham over the event, the Catering Staff from elsewhere along the railway who assisted in the Café and the 50 odd re-enactors who provided all the ‘atmosphere’ here.

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