3rd and 4th October 2015

What a weekend – it was meant to be ‘challenging’, but the difficulties we faced made it even more interesting. The big task was digging a trench along the down platform from the bottom of the ramp, opposite the signal box, to the General Room. This trench was to house the new power cable for the yard; together with a couple of spare ducts, just in case. We believed that the tarmac was about 2-3” thick, whereas through the ramp it was 12”! This made it really slow going and hard work; also meaning we couldn’t use the mini digger as it would have ripped up big lumps of platform. Outside the General Room we had to break into the existing turning chamber, which had a brick wall and an insitu concrete top. Unfortunately, there had obviously been some spare concrete when the top was poured and the rest went behind the bricks. Trying to break through 8” of solid concrete before we could get to the brick took hours – literally. With the trench finally dug, we could install the cable, the ducts and then begin the backfilling. Compacting the spoil in thin layers should ensure no further settling. We also ran the mini digger over the trench to ensure it was compacted. Finally we could get the tarmac laid to leave everything back to as it was. All this was done whilst keeping the platform open to passengers and working with the signalman to get track ‘blocks’ between trains.
Elsewhere on the station, we have had the new green gloss paint delivered for the Camping Coach. The side and south end have therefore been treated.
Some of our Wartime re-enactors joined us this weekend to repair Thor plus our extra aircraft.
Whilst we had the mini digger we have cleaned out the lineside ditch north of the station where we plan to install a new pipe, upon which we will build a second hut to house the Junior Volunteers tools.
Weighbridge Teas had a good weekend and have been hard at work planning the goodies they need for Wartime Weekend – it’s a lot of food!

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