21st, 22nd November 2015

It’s all white now (well it was)! Our plans for continued cutting of scrub at Bridge 16 were abandoned this weekend, due to the ‘white stuff’ falling out of the sky. Although there was not much, it would have been too dangerous to attempt cutting on the steep slopes up there. However, the weather doesn’t stop us at this station! The yard storage area has had a major sort out and restacking. This is the first stage of improving the area, including providing a dedicated storage area for the Junior Volunteers equipment. Some coach parts, in long term storage, have been moved to our lineside undercover store to help with their longevity. They are parts for the 6 wheel workshop coach (NER No.1111), which are ready for whenever someone wants to return this vehicle to its former glory.
In the workshop itself, a battery and solar panel housing has been made and painted. This will be fixed to the furthest ‘home’ signal from the station; and will replace the last paraffin lamp there. A start has been made on terminating all the CAT5 cable installed last weekend.
Looking towards Christmas, the station needs 4 new wheelbarrows as the current batch are worked out. There will be a fair bit of barrowing required during our Christmas work week, both on the lineside and in the yard, as our developments continue.

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