31 December 2015

It’s the end of the year, so it must be time for a quick update on the week’s activities.
You will be pleased to hear that the streams did not break their banks so our sandbags were not put to the test. Water levels are now back to normal.
We have been busy in the Yard, laying cable ducts, water mains, and drains. The base for the new storage shed has been excavated, concrete strip foundations laid and a start begun on laying the concrete block walls. We have been helped by several Junior Volunteers and their fathers; who moved the spoil and brick packs, and started backfilling trenches. There is more still to do…..
The boundary side of the Yard has had the layer of soft and sticky grass, leaf mould, and soil scraped off, to reveal the underlying solid ash surface again.
We were called out to deal with some fallen trees down near Farwath. These had not grown on our land, being well behind the lineside fence, but when they came down they were across our tracks. There is now a load of logs to collect from there, plus a certain amount of brush waiting for a burn up.
In the cottage, the kitchen drain pipes have been renewed with a larger diameter pipe; the hob has been serviced, and two worktops have been renewed with stainless steel. This sounds easy but was awkward and fiddly, to say the least!
Weighbridge Teas were open for 3 days before closing for the winter. They will re-open for the Flying Scotsman weekends in March. They look forward to seeing you all then.
I will finish by wishing you all a Happy New Year.

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