5th 6th December 2015

Work has continued in the yard, tidying the future shed site of stored materials to allow the approximate position of the shed to be marked out.
We brought a Christmas tree back off the lineside, and it’s now decorated and lit at the front of the cottages. A lot of broom and gorse has been cut down north of the station where it was encroaching near the track. This area was completely cleared 3 years ago and shows just how quickly nature regrows.
Today, after some heavy rain, we finally got back to Bridge 16 (Milepost 14) to continue tidying the lineside. Most of the logs are now cut up and the scrub brought down to the bottom of the slope. Hopefully if we get a dry period we will be able to burn it all.
At the station, the cleaned pouring oil cans have been wire wool polished and varnished prior to going on display. Timber parts for the brake van desk have also been painted. Leaves and rubbish have been cleared from around the yard entrance and weighbridge.
Following our preparation works, the S&T have sorted all the signals south of the station; they now show an excellent light for the drivers.

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