30th, 31st January 2016

We started the weekend back at Bridge 16 with another burning session. At the same time we cut down some more trees that were leaning dangerously towards the railway. We will be back there next week to continue this work.
We had a call for help from the Pway Dept during the week so on Sunday it was down to Pickering. They are busy relaying the track at Kingthorpe curve, between Levisham and Pickering. We met the team at Newbridge Pway Yard for a ride on their train up to the work site. Once there it was time to ‘square up’ the sleepers and then pull the ‘Fastclips’ into place (they are painted green and hold the rails onto the sleepers). At the end of the day we had got everything clipped up, fishplated up and ready for the regular gang to start laying the next 20 lengths tomorrow. They have to get everything done by Wednesday night as the ballast train is coming from the ‘big railway’ on Thursday.

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