9th, 10th January 2016

We’ve had a mixed weekend weather wise. If only it would stop raining, then our shed base might dry out sufficiently enough to enable us to compact it before we get the concrete in! On the matter of this more spoil has been spread around inside the base area and concrete poured around the new drain covers to hold them firmly in place.
The Pway Dept have requested a set of rubber level crossing panels for when they have re-laid the track at Kingthorpe (they will be used for the foot crossing). These have been put alongside the track at the end of our loop, ready for collection.
Up the line near the 14 mile post we have continued our scrub cutting (it being too wet to light a fire or two!) between the railway and the river. Some was big enough to log and these have been collected up and taken away. There are still a lot more logs to collect.
At bridge 15 (13¼ mile post) we have recovered the old sheep gate which hung under the bridge. This was taken off over 30 years ago when the bridge was renewed. It has been brought back to the station for photographing and measuring, most of it being too poor to re-use.
In the volunteer cottage (aka The Burrow), the pipework in the downstairs toilet has been boxed in (following the pipe renewal Christmas week) and a coat of primer applied. The radiator has also benefitted from a repaint in there.
In the brake van the lid of the guard’s writing desk has been fixed into place and given a second coat of paint. The van’s getting close to being finished now, with just the stove to fit and the vacuum pipe to replace.

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