27th, 28th February 2016

Our work week has started well. We have had 2 cracking fires north of the station near the 14 mile post as we continue to clear fell the lineside. The east side ditch has been cleared of leaves, mud and old logs (nothing to do with us) and runs much better in the same area.
South of the station a large load of logs has been collected from near bridge 13. These were stacked there 18 months ago when we were working down there. We can only access that area with a trolley under a possession so it’s an ideal time to do it.
At the station itself a new outside removable shelf has been made for the Weighbridge. This will have the sugar, condiments and disposable cutlery on it. Further paint has been applied to the plywood panels in readiness for the repair of a couple of our storage vans. Some of the station noticeboards have had their paint touched up ready for the new season.
We have had a mixture of power tools and lights donated to us and these have been checked and tested before being added to our stores.
Weighbridge Teas have been open for us (and are all week) to support us on our work week. They have been able to serve some passing visitors, including the provision of the first ice creams of the season!

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