12th, 13th March 2016

What a busy weekend, with a lot of visitors coming to see the famous green engine! In anticipation of the crowds we marked out the station yard to get the maximum amount of cars in, plus put ‘No Waiting’ cones on the road to keep access open for emergency vehicles. A National Parks volunteer has been helping us with traffic control.
Around the station, the ‘new’ van doors have received further coats of paint, so hopefully we will get them re-hung next weekend. The new shed base has had its blockwork base wall laid, which should allow us to commence the timber frame construction next weekend. The collapsed willow tree on the corner of the Forest Drive has been coppiced, which has opened up the whole area, and it looks quite nice now. The ditches nearby have been raked clean of the accumulated leaves and grass, which should help return the area to its natural, dryer, state. North of the station the new lineside fence has had all its fence rails fitted.
A lot of this work was undertaken by the Junior Volunteers, who joined us for the weekend. They will also be with us next weekend (again the appearance of the big green engine had nothing to do with them coming!).
Weighbridge Teas had a manic weekend, opening at 8am and closing after 5.30. Boy, were they busy, with a queue virtually all day. They sold everything they had planned to use over the week and have had to place extra orders to get more supplies brought in, as they are open every day Flying Scotsman is running.

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