19th, 20th March 2016

Well it’s over, Scotsman has now finished on the Moors for the foreseeable future and life can return to ‘normal’.
I will start with Weighbridge Teas, who have had a bumper week of sales. They have had long days but are very pleased with the return. The only problem is that they have to order even more now to be ready for Easter Weekend from next Friday! Many different helpers have assisted over the days but, as usual, many hands do make light work – could you help? No special training is needed and even a few hours a day can make all the difference.
At the station, we have had support from the Junior Volunteers again. The new yard shed now has some of the timber frame erected and bolted onto the concrete block base walls. Thor, the armoured rail wagon, is no more. The body has been carefully dismantled and the good timber put into store for our next war time project. The rest has been disposed of. This has revealed the original Lowmac wagon it was built around. This will be given a quick repaint, where necessary, before it goes to Pickering for use by the NYMR Wagon Group.
The lineside ditches north of the level crossing have been raked clean of the old matted grass and reed, improving their flow. The grassed areas around the station have been given a good fertilising, whilst the gardens have had a lot of well-rotted manure collected from Levisham village and spread all over the borders.
One of our stores van has had a major clear out and re-organisation, allowing the Thor timber to go under cover. The VEA now sports its new doors on the yard side, although hanging them was a lot easier said than done (they are rather heavy!). The third signal box chair has now had the woodwork repaired and varnished, and has been measured up ready for reupholstering.

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