1st, 2nd March 2016

Well we are half way through our work week, and no-one has collapsed yet! At the station, the Meschersmitt body has been reskinned and is now ready to be taken away for a repaint. Our ‘van wide’ goods van (the one with the yellow ends) has had the two yard side doors removed as they are rotten. Two replacements have been brought out of store (we recovered these off another van 20 years ago) and are being prepared for installation. Several picnic tables have been brought to the Weighbridge area, ready to seat (hopefully) all the crowds we expect when a certain green engine comes in next week. The shed base in the yard has been concreted with a delivery of ready mix (and a top up of site mixed), so we can now start building up from the ground.
Several loads of logs have been collected from south of the station from last year’s clearance project, whilst north of the station we are continuing to cut and burn the scrub. The lineside ditch is also being cleared of leaves and detritus at the same location. At Yorsfalls Crossing the old sleeper deck has been lifted, and a pre-loved rubber deck taken from the station store and installed in its place.
Just beyond the north outer home signal, the old lineside fence has been dismantled and a start made on installing its replacement.
Weighbridge Teas have been open all week for us, keeping us in hot drinks, soup and sandwiches.

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