25th-28th March 2016

Considering the weather forecast for the Easter weekend, it’s not been bad at all! As usual, we have got a lot done at the station and further away. Near the 13¾ mile post we have completed this year’s scrub clearance on the East side. This coincides with the location of, apparently, the first level crossing north of Pickering back in the Whitby and Pickering horse drawn railway days. The old field trackway climbing away from the railway can still be seen. On the West side we managed to get some of the cut scrub burnt but strong winds and dry ground prevented us burning on the following days (to ensure we didn’t set fire to the forest).
The east side of the VEA had a part rotten panel, we have cut the rot out and then made a new piece to fit. As usual, this is easier said than done as the timber planking has to be carefully taken down on the interior and the new ply slotted inside the steel outer framing. Both side panels are now ready for sanding and repainting to match the new doors.
The work on the new shed in the yard has continued, with help from the Junior Volunteers. The top framing has been extended along its length and the first rafters are now in place. The main door posts, made out of pre loved sleepers, have been fitted and a start made on the cladding; using the old timber level crossing deck planks.
The last of the Thor timber has been de-screwed and the good remains put into store for re-use later. A lot of the small timber has gone to keep the Signalman’s fire burning (as kindling). The second Newtondale Halt running in board, which we have had in store drying out since the autumn, has been sanded down and filled where necessary.
Weighbridge Teas have had a reasonable weekend, although not on the same level as the Scotsman week! Although the poor weather today didn’t help they still managed to sell some ice creams once the rain stopped!

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