4th – 6th March 2016

Well we have all survived the week, and boy have we got a lot done!
We have finally collected all the logs and fencing materials from south of the station, near Farwath. North of the Station, near Bridge 16, our contractors have lifted all the trees out of the river and taken them away. The logs are going to be sawn into suitable baulks for re-use by the railway’s wagon group, in the restoration of several tank wagons. The lineside fence near the outer home signal now has 33 new posts in place – another 30 or so will finish the job; we are awaiting a delivery from the timber yard. There are still some rails to fix – something for the Junior Volunteers to do over the next few weeks.
At the station, all the picnic benches are now back in the paddock ready for use. We have taken delivery of the first parts of a wagon turntable from the Derwent Valley Light Railway, where it had been in store for many years (it originally came from Gallow’s Close goods yard, in Scarborough). The two replacement van doors have been filled, sanded and received several coats of paint. Hopefully we can rehang them in the next few weeks. The cattle gate, recovered from Bridge 15, has been measured, photographed, the good timber put into store and the rotten parts burnt. Talking of burning, another large fire has been had at the station, clearing a lot of scrub which has been waiting since Wartime Weekend last year, together with the rotten lineside fencing collected earlier. The General Room has had a spring clean and the seats have been sanded and repainted, ready for next weekend.
Talking of next weekend, Flying Scotsman is working on our line and, although all seats have been sold, other services are running and Weighbridge Teas will be open, selling hot and cold drinks, bacon butties and cakes and sweets. They will be open from 8am every day that Scotsman is running. Come and see this green engine, and buy a drink or two while you wait to watch it pass by, and maybe take a photograph or two.
A new outdoor shelf has been made for the Weighbridge, to hold the sugar, stirrers and sauces; and is now removable when not in use. Thanks must be expressed to Weighbridge Teas for opening all week for us, keeping us in hot drinks morning and afternoon, together with making sandwiches and soup at lunchtime.
At the end of our work week we have accrued over 900 hours of volunteer labour – not bad for a small station in the middle of nowhere!

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