16th, 17th April 2016

Well, you name, it we’ve had it – weather wise (apart from thunder and lightning!). At the station the Juniors have been busy fitting more planks to the front of the new shed, with a lot of cutting to get the correct pieces on top and around the rafters – more of which we also made, cut to suit and installed. All this timber is recycled, in best Wombling traditions.
A start has been made cleaning up the wagon turntable parts, moving up to the workshop, grinding clean, and then priming them. Some of them are not light! Further layers of paint have been applied to the Newtondale Halt sign and litter bin.
The brake van and lowmac have gone to Pickering for use there, and the St Ivel milk tanker has been delivered here for storage. As it was rather green with algae it has been given a scrub down to improve its appearance.
The grass in the paddock is rapidly growing, so it’s been given its first cut of the year. It took some doing, plus dealing with the soil from the mole hills.
Up the line we have returned to burning off, getting through quite a lot of the cut scrub which has been waiting for a dry day.
The poor weather didn’t help the Weighbridge sales on Saturday but today was much better.

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