23rd, 24th April 2016

Another good weekend weather wise, albeit a bit nippy in the mornings. Up the line, more scrub was cut on Saturday and the other cut scrub there was all collected together ready for burning. This happened on the Sunday, leaving a much neater lineside and improved views for our passengers.
At the station, one of our van doors has been removed as the ply has seen better days. New ply has been cut to fit, and then primed and undercoated all round to seal the edges. The timber top piece, which the doors close up to, has finally been fitted (it’s only been waiting 5 years!). This simple sentence doesn’t do justice to the amount of work it took to fit it. The Newtondale Halt sign and the turntable parts have received further coats of paint over the weekend. Even the level crossing has been painted – well, the white lines have been reapplied (if you look carefully you can even see some white cat paw prints going across the crossing!).
The booking office window sill, which we removed last week as it was rotting, has been replaced, primed and undercoated.
All the grass has been cut (including the paddock, again), as it’s now into the growing season.
In the yard the Junior Volunteers have continued on the shed erection, fitting boards along the rear face. A start has been made on one of the new doors as well.
The General Room carpet (put down to protect the wooden floor during the autumn and winter months) has been lifted, and the room given a clean and mop out.
Our Long Term Plan (which we have had in place for 25 years) has had another regular update to keep it current.
Weighbridge Teas had another good weekend, with cakes and ice creams going down well.

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