2nd, 3rd April 2016

Well we hope you all had a Happy Easter, and are looking forwards to a warm, sunny summer. North of the station another 60 fence posts, collected from the wood yard, have been laid out ready for installation over the next month or so.
The brake van has had its paintwork touched up externally in each veranda. The shock open wagon, missing its cover plates over the springs for quite a while now, has had them fitted and the paintwork touched up. The Lowmac, erstwhile Thor, has had the sides and end wire wheeled clean, primed and undercoated to smarten it up. The VEA has also had its east side sanded and repainted, and also looks much smarter.
Elsewhere on the station, the new shed has had further planks fitted at the top and on the north end. Internally, this area has had polystyrene fitted (a madman’s jigsaw puzzle if you ever see it!) to help keep it insulated and warm for the Junior Volunteers. We’ve had a donation of kingspan insulation for use in this shed. All the timber planking, stored north of the level crossing, has been moved into the yard, sorted and stacked ready for use.
The gardens have looked very smart with the daffodils out and the compost, laid last week, has been dug in by our gardener.
Weighbridge Teas had another steady weekend, not helped by the indifferent weather, particularly yesterday.

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