9th, 10th April 2016

This weekend has been spent readying both the Lowmac and Brake Van for transfer to Pickering, for use by the Wagon Group. The Lowmac has had the side and end paint work smartened up, and the spare wheelsets on top tied down to ensure they do not move in transit. The brake van has had its internal paintwork touched up where necessary; the old upholstery nails removed (there were a lot!); the stove bolted into place; the roof membrane cover strips manufactured, painted, and fitted with plenty of mastic behind them; the final footboard repaired and all the footboards painted! The wagons were also shunted around, by hand, to get them in the correct order for their journey to Pickering. This is not a light job, but with lots of the Junior Volunteers pushing they made it look so easy. The upholstered seats and backs are away being recovered off site at present by one of our Wombles.
In the yard, the Juniors have continued work on their shed with further rafters installed, polystyrene insulation fitted and more boards mounted along the front. The Newtondale Halt running in board and a new litter bin for the same have been undercoated.
We have commenced repairing the first of the Meschersmitt wings. This looks like a lot simpler repair than the tail and body which we undertook during the winter. We have been able to use some of our offcut timber – recycling at its best, rather than using new. On the gardening front, further weeding and tidying up of the platform beds continues.
Weighbridge Teas had a steady weekend, helped a lot by glorious weather yesterday late afternoon and today.

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